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PULAG: The Climb

Because the weekend slots until May were all filled up when we tried reserving, we took the weekday schedule. For the longest time, March is the start of Summer in the Philippines but when we climbed up, it wasn't like it was summer at all! So you see, we own the camp site! Haha. Well, we almost! Just a hour later, another group of 3 also settled a few meters aways from us. But that's all of us up there.

We reached the Ranger's Station at Lunch Time. We stayed there for a while to gear up our trekking clothes and prep up the things we need in the climb.

It's handy if you have a small bag where you can put your small things like phone, digicam, trail foods, lip balm etc. With big bags, it would be hard to try opening your bag from rime to time. And it was set-upped with rain cover so it's ready for anything.

So this is our groupie picture. There's just no words to describe how beautiful it is in the Summit. The sea of clouds, the sunrise. Amazing God's creation. Amazing is just not enough!

I imagined a lot better shots than these but because it was really cold, I cant even use a digicam and take a selfie.
I need to include this picture of my friends =) The scene is perfect. Love above the clouds. Pwede nang pang prenup!
Jump Shot!
While here's panoramic view of the sea of clouds.

When you climb up the summit at 4:00 AM, there's nothing that will see so you will really need those flash lights. Head Lamps, better! When you go down back to camp, this is the breathless view you will see.

This is us after we've reached again the Rangers' Station.

Check out here how we prepared for our Mt Pulag Climb. 


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