Travelogue: Work. Travel. Write. Repeat.: Rio-mazing!


Who could have thought I’ll ever see in my lifetime the famous shorelines of Rio de Janeiro and the world renowned, only-seen-on-the-movies statue of Christ the Redeemer! Well in the first place, going to Brazil never landed in my travel bucket list but I am so happy and blessed to have been there.

I was on a business trip to Sao Paulo for 6 weeks together with 7 other office mates. We couldn't let not to get a peek of Rio even when it meant no sleep and just over the weekend.

It was the later season of winter(month of August) when we were there. So we didn’t exactly experienced the Rio beaching way just like in the picture :((

 Expectation vs Reality
Photo on the left is from Google: I just searched Ipanema beach and took a screenshot. Photo on the right is an actual photo when we were there.
I originally didn't have any plans to stay at the beach because it was raining and it was winter time! But I'll be the one to be left behind if I didn't go. We were freezing! But who cares, right?

It's like we own the beach! More like the king and queens of Rio! In our dreams!

We checked-in in a hotel just in front of the beach. We got I think more or less 50% discount, probably because of the season. This beach shore is the famous Copacabana beach, one of the famous beaches in Rio. The other famous beach which we didnt went is the Ipanema beach(I only knew the Ipanema brand of slippers). Apparently, Ipanema is from Brazil. Just not sure if it originated from Rio. You wouldn't believe that the price of the basic flipflops of Ipanema is only 10% of its SRP here in Manila!

The photo above is our little road trip (6 hours) from Sao Paulo to Rio. We went by bus and arrived very early in the morning. We left our baggages at the hotel, then ate our breakfast in a breadstore called "Rufo's" and took another bus to our first destination: Corcovado: Christ the Redeemer.

Tram Ticket worth 45RS
 To be up there, you have to ride a Tram. It was kinda like the tram we rode in HongKong to climb The Peak. This was was little longer and not much to see during the ride.

While waiting for the Tram
 The view was overly amazingly breath-taking. You could see the beautiful city of Rio and the long beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana. Just let the pictures do the story-telling, ok?

rio de janeiro

It was an awesome privilege to get a picture with the very famous statue of Christ The Redeemer. Hah! Anne Curtis was standing at that very same place like a month ago when when we went there. The area was kind of crowded. Imma tell you you cant get a picture without photobombers in the side. :P

The next day, we went to Sugar Loaf which is on the opposite side of Christ The Redeemer and it was utterly breathaking as well. I mean, that's just what you need to relax your eyes and your mind and get away from the stress of work :P.

And that was it! Our over the weekend Rio Trip. Rio was a haven for photographers because there's just so many things, people and place you wanna take a photo and have yourself a photo with.

 All photos in this blog entry - credits to utakbolpen.


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